Friday, March 9, 2012


I didn't really do much in the way of new year's resolutions for 2012. Nothing against them, and I've certainly had them in the past, but this year, I wasn't really in a resolution-y mood. I figured having a new baby would encompass everything, so why make huge plans? He'll be enough of a life-changer.

That being said, I did decide that this year I wanted to start making more gifts. The plan is that it will encourage me (hopefully) to plan ahead for birthdays instead of waiting until the last minute and then freaking out because I can't think of a gift. I made these things awhile back, but I needed to make sure their recipients had received them before posting photos.

I found this tutorial from In Color Order for a drawstring bag. You may have seen them around. They are popping up everywhere! I've made three so far, but the third (my personal favorite) is waiting to be gifted, so no sharing just yet. I made these two from a stack of five fat quarters. I used ribbon instead of fabric for the drawstring, mostly because I have a huge tin full of reams of ribbon, and it seems like a smart idea to actually start using it instead of just purchasing it when its on clearance. I really do love these bags, and hopefully I'll get around to making myself some soon.

Speaking of gifts, I've been trying to use more gifts bags because hopefully they are re-used by their recipients, but wouldn't these also work as great gift bags? Let's be honest, I also adore bagging stuff because it's much much faster than wrapping with paper. Hopefully I'll get around to making some of these before the holidays. 

Inside of these two bags, I included a box of tea and a mug rug. This one was a simple log cabin offset with two extra strips on the side. I saw someone else make a similar mug rug, and I feel terrible because for the life of me, I can't remember where I saw this, but I really liked the idea. White binding was perhaps not the smartest choice in case of a spill, but I really like how it looks. The scraps are from my first quilt. And of course, my paperchase polka dot mug completes it. But then, paperchase mugs make most everything look better.

I cut into my fabric for quilt #5 this week. Sure, I completely skipped quilt #4, and while I've basted quilt #3, I've yet to do any quilting on it. However! I need to get #5 done quickly, so off I go! Photos of beginning progress...maybe tomorrow? We'll see how I'm feeling.

How about you? Do you make gifts? If so, give me some ideas! I don't think I can gift everyone I know with drawstring bags and mug rugs!


  1. I absolutely love those bags. So cute!

    Mr. Sequin's mommy makes turtle-shaped pincushions as gifts -- I can show you the one she made for me. You could also make little zippered coin purses. And stuffed animals for the kiddos and the kiddos at heart.

    1. Mr. Sequin's mommy is intense, and there is no way I think I can make a turtle-shaped pincushion, which is sad because they sound adorable. I have been thinking about making zippy coin purses, but they sound hard! :)


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