Tuesday, March 13, 2012

glider pillow.

Last night, I really did intend to go to bed at a reasonable time. With Banzo's inconsistent nighttime sleeping and occasional screaming episodes (night terrors?) it seemed like the smart thing to do. I told myself I would just square up the half-square triangles for my glider pillow. I could start piecing them later....

After I had 16 done, then I figured that perhaps I should maybe start the sewing, but I wouldn't pull out my iron and ironing board since I could start pressing seams and finish the sewing later. When those were sewn, I didn't want to leave the seams looking so yucky, so I figured I would run the iron over them really quickly and then I could go to bed, really!

I'm pretty sure you've caught on by now, but when I finally stumbled into bed at close to 11, I had finished piecing the front of my glider pillowcase. (I did show some restraint and keep from sewing the envelope closure.) I'm happy to report that while we are still not BFFs, I seem to have forged some semblance of truce with the HSTs, and my corners are either perfect, or so close, I can't be bothered to change them or care! As you can see, I was tired at the end of this process, and my ironing is not gorgeous, but I'm excited nonetheless. I did stay up a few extra minutes to sort through my stash and see if I have any fabric to use for the back, and I'm planning on a chocolate and white large scale polka dot print that was actually used for Banzo's crib bedding. I may just take the time today to start working on that. (Oh, who am I kidding? Certainly not myself! I expect this puppy will be done tonight.)

Instead of cutting 16 HSTs, I accidentally cut 32, so now the question is, do I hang on to them and find another project or make another pillow, but maybe flip the white and pink? So. Many. Options!

I did finish piecing my solids quilt top, and I think I've decided to use the leftover solids fabric as the binding fabric. When talking to K, she had suggested a batik, which I think is genius, but I have the solids fabric, and I should be a twinge more conservative in my fabric purchasing and maybe just buy the batik for backing fabric instead? The added benefit to that plan is that I'll get to use more of it!


  1. I really really love the modern off-center look of this! And I think a matching (but inverse) pillow with the other 16 would be a great contrast.

    1. I spent a good minute trying to remember the word "inverse." Thankfully someone knows what I'm talking about! :)


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