Friday, March 2, 2012

hawaiian pineapple.

March 1 arrived and brought a whole bunch of quilting awesomeness with it!

March 1st, of course, means the new HST BOM design has been released at In Color Order--maybe I'm a little too excited about it, but this is my first quilt-a-long, and I'm really enjoying this monthly dealio, even if triangles and I are still not friends. In my March 1st moments of leisure (which equaled about five minutes) I picked out my fabrics for March's block. Today, I hope to get my triangles cut and sewn. (I'm also drooling over this QAL, but I'm showing restraint!)

I think I found a solution to my Polka Dot Attack Pinwheels! border problem. (Mucho exciting.) More on that later.

And if those two pieces of awesomeness weren't enough, a good friend brought me back a souvenir from her recent trip to Hawaii--a pineapple Hawaiian quilting kit! And because she knows me so well, she brought me a hot pink kit. Hawaiian quilting is intense and apparently applique-heavy. My pineapple will be my first adventure in applique, and that makes me nervous, but when I have more of those moments of leisure, I am super excited to put it together. It is supposed to be a potholder when all is said and done, but the non-pink fabric is bright white, and pot holders in this home get trashed and stained within minutes. My plan is to finish it up as a single block, add corners to the back, and I'll hang it in my kitchen. They suggest outline quilting the applique (or even echo quilting, oh la la!) and I may try to outline it by hand. We'll see. I'm pretty stoked to have a hot pink pineapple hanging in my kitchen so I may not be willing to wait for the time it takes to hand quilt.

That photo doesn't do it justice, but it's thunderstorming outside, so the lighting is junk, and I'm too excited to share my hot pink pineapple to wait for a better photo!

Since I still have solids on the brain, and I still need a pillow for my glider, I put together a new plan of attack, and I'm hoping to start on it next week.

Let's tally this up, shall we?

--Polka Dot Attack Pinwheels! -- quilt top pieced minus border
--March HST BOM -- fabric cut
--Pineapple Applique Mini -- not started
--Quilt #4 (solids baby) -- idea sketched
--Glider Pillow -- idea sketched
--Quilt #5 (sept. baby) -- idea forming

And here I never thought I'd be the kind of girl with multiple projects simmering. After tomorrow, I hope to have some fabric to make some of those ideas start to come alive. Yikes!

Adios, friends!


  1. I made a silent pact with myself to not do any more tiny grid sashing after The Mommy's quilt is done. But. Man that stained glass design is loco! Want!

    I like the HST BOM design, but not her fabrics, sadly. I think it would work really well in solids, like her design block (great colors!).

    I think echo quilting would totally rock on the pineapple -- it would look like it was vibrating with tastiness!

    1. Isn't that stained glass design amazing? I want to make it just so that I can have that quilt in my home! It's gorgeous!

      I agree, I liked the BOM design, but not the fabrics. Not that I really liked the way mine turned out either, but whatevsies.

      Wouldn't echo quilting look amazing? But that seems like a ton of work for hand quilting, and dearest Agatha is a straight line loving girl. :)


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