Saturday, September 1, 2012

september goals

There is an ottoman in my house that is out to get me, and if you think I'm crazy, I offer you this proof: it broke one of my toes. Okay, perhaps I shouldn't have run into it, and since I happen to run into it quite frequently, maybe it was the last straw for the ottoman and it decided to teach me a lesson? Maybe. I must say, I haven't run into the ottoman since. (However, that didn't keep me from knocking into the couch with my other foot. Oy vey.)

It was my left foot, which I didn't think would hamper quilting too much, but I underestimated the amount of time I'd be standing. Or crawling around on the ground removing safety pins and squaring up my quilt. I also didn't realize that when I push down on my sewing machine's pedal, I have a habit of curling up my left toes, which is a big big BIG no no with the broken little piggy. So! Quilting has been a little slow since, and until it's better, quilting will probably continue to move slowly.

I did get a few projects done.

1. Quilt Top  2. August HST BOM  3. Patchwork Pillow
4. Baby Shower Bunting  5. Annabel's Quilt  6. New Ironing Board Cover


And my September goals, half of which have moved over from my August list.
  • Sequintastic September project
  • Finish binding on Black and Batiks Quilt
  • Finish wonky star table runner--need to sandwich and attach binding
  • Finish Marie blocks--12 of 20 done
  • Tote--have pattern picked out; ordered fabric
  • September block for HST BOM
  • Blocks for A Very Merry HST BOF--waiting on fabric
  • Triangle mini quilt--idea sketched--waiting on time!
  • Cut fabric for charm swaps
  • Drawstring Bags
  • Start work on Holiday gifts and a few birthday gifts
  • Another business card holder
Similar to my August list, I sincerely doubt I'll finish up all of these things, but I work better with a long list. I sidetabled a few of the items that I didn't complete off my August list, mostly because I just can't see myself getting to them this month, especially since I really should be gearing up for the holidays.

And that's August! I'm excited because September is definitely my favorite month of the year! I'm linking up!

Lily's Quilts
Lily's Quilts


  1. So many finishes! I love the patchwork pillow and the bunting :) I found you through Lily's quilts.

  2. Oh no, poor baby piggy! I hope it's feeling more like itself soon. It's great that you still managed some sewing - I'm about to embark on an hourglass block (baby quilt), too!

  3. I know what you mean about long lists! I forced myself to make a small one for September, but I have quite a long one in my notebook for "someday" projects. Beautiful colors on that first quilt top.

  4. Very long list indeed, I was thinking of mine but it is tiny compared to that one :) visiting from the small blog meet.

    1. I always always work better with a long list. Weird, huh?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hoe that your little toe heals soon! Love the batiks top. Especially with using black to make all the colors pop.

  6. Oooo, thank you for reminding me to look at the September HST block - I love it! It fits in nicely with some of the other blocks, too. =]

  7. Cute finishes, Audrey! Isn't it crazy how such a small part of your body can throw everything else off when it's hurt?

  8. Look, my blog hop is at the top of the list! :)

    I'm so sorry about your toe. Oh, man. But the cure for broken bones is little pies, so hopefully I can help you out today.

    When I think about it, I had some pajama pants that really had it out for my big toe. I kept snagging it on them, and as soon as I learned that a friend had broken her toe that way, I hemmed them. It's a shame you can't just hem the ottoman.

    1. It's totally at the top of the list because I need to get moving! Haha! But I happen to have received a most lovely birthday present that will seriously help in that, so I'm pretty stoked.

      Okay, breaking a toe on PJ pants sounds like craziness. Glad I haven't done that! :)

  9. Nice Projects! Hope the toes are feeling better! You have quite a list of projects... I should make a list so I can remember what I'm doing... so many ideas, so little time. ps-your quilt top is very pretty :)

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, my list is a tad bit overboard, but I find I always work better with super long scary lists. I never complete them, but I always seem to finish smaller ones and then twiddle my thumbs wondering what to do! :)

      And thanks for stopping by my blog! The toe, thankfully, is MUCH better, and I think I'll be back to my normal quilty self very soon.


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