Friday, December 7, 2012


Because of my crazy need to take on yet another quilt this month, I downsized my December to-quilty-do list. And since I'm picking up fabric tomorrow for the new quilt, it seemed like a good idea to push forward on some of my outstanding projects.

Used this tutorial.
It's not much, friends, but it's something! I finished the pillowcase for my dear, dear husband. Personally, I think it rocks. (It's really hard to keep it hidden because I want to show it to him now.) And it's one less thing on my December list. Woo! Sure, it's the easiest thing, but progress is progress is progress. Is progress!

Revised December List:
  • Finish I-spy quilt for Banzo
  • Banzo cape
  • Holiday gifts (1 P, 2 Ms, 6 Zs, 2 Ts) - I finished the Zs, I've got one M done, and I may cut the Ts. We'll see.
  • Packing for move
  • Mail gifts
  • Pillowcase for husband - DONE! Woo!
  • Finish advent calendar - Mostly done.
  • Quilt for N's Grandma. And it will be awesome.
I yanked my Marie quilt from the list. Since she is for my bed, she's the first to go. And since we're celebrating the holidays when we get back to the midwest, if I need to, I can finish Banzo's quilt and cape next month. I'll get around to finish her eventually, though I'm not sure I'll have her finished before the end of winter. Sadness.

So tell me! What are you up to this weekend? What projects are you working on? Anything fun and exciting? Wanna help me procrastinate?

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  1. Fun! What guy wouldn't love a spiderman pillowcase!

    Tonight is my husband's company Christmas party so I'm fasting all day. I've been fasting all week really! No time for sewing today. I'm also taking my kids to a Christmas show during the day.


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