Monday, December 31, 2012

January Goals and 2013 Plans

Phew! I'm exhausted from 2012. Aren't you? Thankfully, I have 2013 to get me all excited about new quilting adventures!

Since my family is moving back to the midwest this month--midwest friends, you better be cheering!--I'm going to take it easy with my to-do list. I have two blocks for the Make It Modern Bee and one for the Lucky Stars BOM. I'm toying with also doing the Sisters' 10 Modern BOM, but I think I'll make that decision when I see just how much I get done. And if I get through those five blocks, well! I'll have to get started on some of my works in progress, won't I?

  • HST BOM--Quilt top is pieced; need to baste and quilt
  • Marie Quilt--Quilt top is 1/2 pieced
  • Le Mille--Quilt top is pieced; need to baste and quilt
  • Triangle Mini--Quilt top is pieced; need to order perle thread for handquilting

The Purple-y Quilt, aka Mama L's Quilt
For December, I didn't get to touch Banzo's cape, but I'm blaming that on unexpected sewing machine shenanigans.
  • Mama L's Quilt
  • Finish I-spy quilt for Banzo
  • Cape for Banzo
  • Holiday gifts (1 Ps, 6 Zs, 2 Ms, 2 Ts)
  • Pillowcase for Husband
  • Advent Calendar
  • Packing for move
  • Get everything to the post office
I'm linking up with Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts. And since I'm leaving on Wednesday to spend a week with my BFF, I won't be blogging much, but I do hope to spend time reading blogs and drooling over your projects! 
Lily's Quilts


  1. Oooh, even though I am not a huge purple fan, I am loving that purple quilt! Sounds like you have lots of exciting stuff lined up for 2013!

  2. Good luck moving! That is hard and even harder when you have important sewing stuff you don't want packed away! I joined the 10 Sisters and the Sugar Block Club myself.

  3. Popping in from Lily's Quilts. Love your blog header ; )

  4. The purple quilt is beautiful! Visiting from Lily's Quilts. :)

  5. I'm doing the Lucky Stars BOM too!! Woop! Glad that Agatha is back up and running, saving you from unnecessary cleaning! The Purple-y Quilt is fantastic - really lovely combination of blocks and shades :) Happy New Year!!

  6. I can see there was a lot of work and love put into that quilt


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