Friday, January 4, 2013

And there was much squeeing!

Friends, I know I told you I was taking a bit of a break from the blog because I'm moving, will be away from Agatha for a couple of weeks, and I'm visiting my BFF, but yesterday, an email appeared in my inbox that elicited so much excitement, I couldn't wait to share it with you!

Photo is courtesy of Alisa from Knit-Spin-Quilt.

BAM! Isn't it glorious? Alisa from Knit-Spin-Quilt used the quilt I designed for the Let's Get Acquainted blog hop to make her very own Baby K Quilt. Woo! There aren't words to describe how awesomely cool this is for me.

Photo is courtesy of Alisa from Knit-Spin-Quilt.
Doesn't the quilting just look yummy on fleece? I've seen flannel backings, and I've seen minky backings, but I don't know that I've seen a fleece one before, and I love how clear the quilting lines appear.

And here is a picture of my version, just in case you forgot. :)

Okay! Back to vacation. I'm itching to sew, what with two blocks for the Lucky Stars BOM waiting in my inbox, two bee blocks to attack, the Sisters' 10 BOM--which I wasn't sure I'd have time for, but I've decided to give it a go anyway--and this new scrappy trip along shenanigans that everyone seems to be doing. Oh, Agatha! We'll be together again soon!

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  1. So exciting to have someone else use your pattern!! Too cool! Good luck on the move, hopefully you get back to sewing quickly. :)


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