Saturday, January 19, 2013

First Bee Blocks

With all of the unpacking in my life--it NEVER seems to end--I haven't gotten much sewing in these days. I did squeeze in some time for my bee blocks because those are a commitment, and therefore, I have to make room for them, right? Right? I'm taking it at permission to neglect the dirty kitchen and pile of stuff in my living room, woo!

Wonky Log Cabin for Kelie

I made this block using this post's instructions. Our move back also coincided with my camera's complete meltdown. One day, it just stopped working, which really is quite a tragedy since an i-phone is hardly going to increase my photographic abilities. For instance, the blues in the above are actually more turquoise-y.

I had a few scraps of that hedgehog fabric left, and I was excited to have something that could use it! I'd never made an improv block like this before, and it was a challenge for me, especially with the first round, but once more layers fell into place, it got easier. Looking at everyone else's contributions, I think this will be a really fun quilt when it's done.

Mama Goose Block for Samantha

This block had an exact design, and a fair number of HSTs and triangles, but it came together easily. I dropped them in the mail today. It's exciting to know that my blocks are traveling to different parts of the country to join someone else's quilt!


  1. Both look fantastic! It is so much fun to be in a bee!

  2. Great blocks - I love the Mama Goose especially and went to visit Samantha - it will be fun to see them both come together! (Good luck with the unpacking!)


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