Saturday, January 12, 2013

SS: Center City!

Hi Friends! If you're joining me for Finding Fifth's Sunday Stash, welcome to Hot Pink Quilts! Most of you probably already know me, so I won't write out my autobiography or anything, but you can get to know me better or check out my last year finishes if you're so inclined. (Also, I always forget you lovely Australians (and Brits!) are much further along in the time scheme, so I apologize for the "tardiness" of my post. It's only 10am on Saturday here, I promise!)

I'm participating in two BOMs this year, and while last year's pick-up-fabric-as-I-went-along approach was fun and all, I decided to make my life a bit easier this year by picking up a fat quarter bundle and calling the matter done. Lazy? Yes. But with my big move back to the midwest and a family reunion to attend, I need a little more simple in my life.

I picked up this lovely bundle of Center City by Jay McCarroll with some solids. Isn't it gorgeous? The plan is to use it for the Sisters' 10 BOM. I think this very modern fabric line will look lovely with all of the sharp triangles and the negative space of the suggested layout. Yum! I need to pick out some background fabric. Any suggestions? (White/light colors are off the table as I have small children.) Maybe charcoal? Or a medium gray like Kona Steel? Or should I got totally crazy and do something like the apricot or lime above? Give me your thoughts and suggestions.

Now, it's your turn! Link up your blog posts below, or tell me in the comments what fabric(s) you've picked up lately. Also, have you used any Center City? I'd love to hear (or see!) what you've done with it. Some of the prints I'd love to use for skirts, but that's just getting ahead of myself.

Thanks for joining me today for Sunday Stash! And thanks Fiona, for letting me host!


  1. Fun! I love custom bundles! I am using a bundle from Pink Chalk Fabrics called Hot Summer Nights and a few solids from my stash for the Sisters 10 BOM. My background is Kona biscuit. I made the first two blocks last night.

  2. You ve found another line of fabric I have not come across again Audrey. I must check out this sisters 10 BoM you are doing as well. I think you will have fun pulling a background fabric and photographing different ones with these fabrics to see what matches best. Thanks for hosting Sunday Stash and it is only 5:30am on Sunday here right you aree NOT late.

  3. Ooh great fabrics! I think they'd look fabulous with grey!

  4. Ooh. I think the lime green could bebstricking as a background. But it may not be a "liveable" colour, if you know what I mean... So bold and bright can be less than restful... I guess I'm no help at all, sorry. :-)
    E xx

  5. Audrey - I have been coveting this Center City line for a while! I keep seeing it on sale and thinking, ooh, maybe I should! Is it as nice in person? I like that map-esque type fabric on the top, even in every colourway!


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