Saturday, May 11, 2013

A bunch of blocks.

Three Tula Pink City Samper blocks down, ninety-seven to go!

This is block 1 from Tula Pink's City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. Yes, I will be making all 100 because I'm crazy ambitious. (Or maybe just crazy?)

Block 2.

And block 3! It's really exciting to me that one day these 6 1/2" squares will join forces to become something truly huge! My strategy--if you could call it that--is to make the Gridlock quilt pattern in the back of the book using the rainbow palette. I'm trying to stick close to the colors in each of Tula's blocks to make the layout easier at the end. This is not terribly original, but it is a lot easier, especially when dealing with such a large quantity of blocks! As for fabrics, I'm using my hoarded Tula fabrics, plus solids, and scraps of shot cottons and batiks, and any other fabrics that I love and look like they'll work, like the Oliver and Co print above in block 2.

Because I keep forgetting to post these bad boys, here are my May Sisters' 10 BOM blocks. After the tedious HST blocks of doom that were April's assignment, it was nice to do something simple like learn how to make hourglass blocks. They're not perfect, but for a first shot, I'm pretty stoked.

Question of the day: have any of you worked on a crazy huge sampler quilt? Farmer's Wife? Dear Jane? TP City Sampler????? Please tell me about your experience and if you finished the quilt, etc. as this is a total first for me! 


  1. I did the Civil War block of the week that Barbara Brackman did in 2011 (I did most of mine in 2012) and it was only 56 blocks, so it wasn't too intimidating. Plus, I started it really late and could make lots of blocks at once instead of just one a week. I'm working on finishing that quilt right now!

  2. City Sampler has started amazingly!! I love those colours, so saturated and good. I am starting to hanker after seeing all of your sister's 10 blocks together. I love center city with that smokey grey you have, x


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