Sunday, May 5, 2013

SS: Happy-Go-Lucky Edition.

This showed up on my doorstep recently. Besides getting to make awesome blocks, the Make It Modern Bee has some other special perks like being entered in totally awesome fabric drawings. (Thank you, Fat Quarter Shop!) Ready for a photo-heavy post? Of course you are!

Can I tell you what I love most about this line? These are so...usable. I tend to go very graphic (Tula, anyone?) with my fabrics, and several of the prints in this line will be perfect accompanying pieces with the bigger bolder fabrics in my life. (Pssst...the navy prints are my fave!)

And since I wasn't already having a good stash week, a friend gifted me these delicious hot pink handled pinking shears because she knew I didn't have a pair, she saw them and thought immediately of me, and she wanted to get me a small something to say good work for my half-marathon. Some days, I'm pretty sure I'm spoiled.

Did I mention I'm linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth for Sunday Stash? Because I totally am.


  1. Those are some great fabrics. And I am green with envy over the pinking shears. You are one lucky girl!

  2. A half marathon? Well done Audrey. I think the navy and orange are my fave too. What a delicious bundle to win.

  3. The navy are amazing! I just added a charm pack of happy-go-lucky to my farmer's wife quilt, and you're totally right it's really useable. x

  4. I just bought a fat 1/8 bunch of Happy Go Lucky and the navy is my favourite too. I'm stashing it for now til I find the perfect pattern for it.


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