Friday, March 14, 2014

FF: Another Pillow Post.

I don't really think of myself as a girl who sews with themes, but man, I really do tend to group things together. This week has been the pillow week. It's also been birthday sewing week. (And also the fabric cutting week because OMG, do I have some quilts to get done.)

I actually finished this one last week, but it was certainly down to the wire. Our neighbor turned four, and I decided to make her a pillow for her birthday. (Bet you can't guess what her favorite color is.) I finished this literally a couple of hours before we gifted it, and sadly, it almost bit the dust when I made the foolish error of allowing my oldest to carry it to their house. He nearly dropped it in the muddy melty snowy gunk that is currently lining my street. Thankfully, my husband was a peach and caught it. I used heat n' bond for the first time, which was good practice for some applique t-shirts I'll be making this weekend.

My BFF will be here for a visit in just a few weeks, and I've made her a pillowcase for her stay. Just to clarify, I do not do this for all of my houseguests. In fact, I don't do this for any of them. I suppose you have to reach BFF status to get this sort of treatment.

And the first of my kidlets' birthday pillowcases. My youngest's birthday is next week--hence the weekend job of applique t-shirts--and I'm pretty sure this is the most last minute I've ever been. I realized yesterday that we've yet to buy his birthday gift. We've yet to even decide what we're getting him. Yikes. In my defense, I have been planning him a rocking birthday party, complete with two sets of out of town houseguests, but the actual birthday. Wow. Do better, Audrey. Do better.

Also, note to self. Don't pull out the pillowcase IN FRONT OF the recipient before he gets it. What is wrong with me? What was I thinking? I'm not a novice to this kind of thing! I know better! But in my muddled Friday state of mind, I thought it would be a good idea to snap a few photos in front of him. Of course, he promptly started freaking out and screaming "CONCRETE TRUCK!!!!" which I'm guessing means he likes the pillow, but still. No need to do that again.

One more pillow to go for my oldest's birthday, and I'm done. WOO. 

I'm linking up today with TGIFF hosted by M-R at Quilt Matters. I'm pretty sure you should too.


  1. Cute pillows! I love the star wars one ;) At least you know already that he'll love the pillow case, right??

  2. Those are all fun pillows! I love the purple paired with the star wars fabric!

  3. Lol. CONCRETE TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I thought about using less exclamation marks, and then added more :-P)
    If he's that excited about his pillow case, do you need to buy a present? Can't he have a super cool pillow case for a present?
    E xx

  4. LOL - concrete truck! That cracks me up. Great pillowcases, Audrey! I have some Star Wars fabric that I've been saving for pillowcases too.


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