Sunday, March 2, 2014

SS: CloudStarBerry.

I'm titling this edition CloudStarBerry. Because why not?

See? Cloud 9 Fabrics, Star Wars, Kona Berry. It makes total sense.

I apparently missed the memo that said Cloud 9 was designing fabrics for Joann's. When my friend picked out that bolt of Sunnyside in gray, I about cried because it was so freakin' gorgeous. (And then I saw the price tag and about cried at that, but it was 30% off plus an additional 20%, so it was a lot more manageable.) And Kona Berry in the remnant bin, YES, PLEASE.

My BFF is coming to visit me in April, which I think will be great fun. I saw her in January when I visited home, but this will be her first time coming to visit me out in the midwest, and I'm super stoked. I'm also begging the weather to get its act together and behave. I'm ordering tulips, lovely temperatures and walking weather, and that's non-negotiable. Said BFF is a huge Star Wars fan, so when I saw this print also lurking in the remnant bin, it had to be purchased. There's just enough to make her a pillowcase, and I'm hoping a bit leftover to make a drawstring bag in which to gift it. I love this pillowcase tutorial, and I'm actually thinking of using a bit of the Kona berry for the accent strip. Plus navy for the cuff.

Molli Sparkles

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  1. That Sunnyside is gorgeous! I didn't get the memo either but now I'll be on the lookout!

  2. I heart the remnant bin...and the fact that JoAnn's is getting nicer quilting fabric in stock! Although both are a bit dangerous as well :-)

  3. I just found the Cloud9 at Jo-Ann's last week - also surprised! But they didn't have that awesome grey floral at my store. That is beautiful!!

  4. I wish we had a Joann's. Those are all great find's! I'm very jealous :)

  5. They are gorgeous! Lucky friend getting that great gift!! Lou

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm really excited about all three! (But for very different reasons.)

  7. Kona Berry in the remnant bin is always a good idea!


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