Friday, February 28, 2014

FQB: Anna's Quilt.

Business first: I owe y'all a Gypsy Wife Quilt Pattern winner! JoyceLM was the lucky peep to win this go around, and Joyce, I've contacted you for your mailing address. Thanks everyone for participating and helping me to celebrate my second blogiversary!

On to quilt goodness: I've finished up my work in the Fierce Quilters Bee for Anna's quilt, and I'm super stoked. I really really think her quilt is going to be stunning when it's done, eep!

This is what I started with: a yummy stack of fabric, and a delicious set of blocks that Anna made. Since it's still early in the process--I'm the first to work on Anna's--instead of using the blocks Anna sent, I chose make a bunch of new stuff. 

I made four stripes, each featuring one of the four main colors. The purple stripe is my fave, even though I had meant to do one thing and something else entirely different came out.

Then came some random stripe-y color thingie. (Very technical term there.)

And finally, a friendship stars wreath because I love friendship stars.

I really enjoyed working on this quilt. It's a color palette I've never personally explored, using a semi-improv-y style which is always an adventure for me, working with someone else's ideas and fabric, and it was a totally awesome experience. I can't wait to start work on the next round!


  1. Such an awesome grouping of colors and patterns! Great additions to quilt. Best, Kate

  2. I know I said this already, but you're so awesome!! I love all of your additions and I can't wait to see what everyone else adds and get it home! Ahhhh! :D

  3. That is going to look awesome when it's finished. Nice job on the strip sets!

  4. What gorgeous colours to work with! Your additions are fabulous. I hope when it's all finished you'll link us over so we can see it all together.
    E xx

  5. beautiful colours. And such fun designs.

  6. Thank you - I replied to your email & can't wait to receive the pattern.


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