Thursday, April 17, 2014

April GW Blocks.

There was a brief moment this month when I looked at my copy of the Gypsy Wife pattern and thought, "Meh. I totally don't want to make these blocks this month." Because it's only APRIL, and the QAL goes through DECEMBER, I figured I better suck it up and get some work done. And I really am thankful I got them done.

I love that heart block, but I think my absolute favorite is the Courthouse Step block in the lower left. I picked the center based on scraps I had and cut logs around it, and it's wild. It's full of pattern. It doesn't afford the eye a place to rest. But I wish the whole quilt was exactly like it. Though I will admit I have a soft spot for the CS block in the top middle. I had to sneak in some Tula (Topiary from Parisville) and while it's much more subtle than my fave, I love it anyway.

And these are all of my blocks so far. It's a chaotic mess, but I think (or rather, I'm hoping and praying) that it will all come together in the end. It will, right? Seeing them all together, that orange block still really bothers me. I think that bad boy is getting a new set of corners...maybe next month?


  1. it will definitely come together in the end - looking amazing so far :-)

  2. It will come together. That pattern has a lot going on, but somehow works magically once it's finished. Yours is going to look amazing!

  3. You could try adding some more orange in other blocks (does AMH have much by way of orange in her prints? I can't seem to remember) so that the orange one won't stand out so much.

    Anyway, it's looking great! I've been working on my blocks too and kind of wibbling over that heart block - I swapped it out for something else in my brights version of this quilt, but haven't decided if I should suck it up and do it for the lights version. We'll see, I guess...

    1. There is a bit of apricot in the blocks, but the orange I've used is a much brighter version. I think a more muted version would blend so much better. I really go back and forth, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to rip the corners off.

      Good luck with your heart block! I'm sure it will turn out fabulous!

  4. I love them, chaos or no! I think this is going to be a fabulous quilt. I also like the orange- I agree with the previous commenter, though. Maybe it just stands out because there isn't much other orange. Maybe it'll blend more as you make more progress :)

  5. I think it will come together at the end. Looks great so far. Every block is fantastic.

  6. They are gorgeous - I suspect we all have the same doubts about what will happen when we put them all together. I say leave the orange (even though I tend to avoid orange) it always seems to do great work. Add some more!

  7. Hi Audrey - congratulations, you won the $25 Fat Quarter shop prize for linking up last month! More details coming your way very soon :-)


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