Sunday, April 13, 2014

SS: BFF Edition.

Friends, my BFF came to visit me. This is pretty freakin' exciting because I live in the middle of corn and soybean fields, so it's not exactly a destination spot unless you want to visit me. We've been best friends since freshmen year high school French, which is something like 15 years. I say "something like" because I don't feel like doing math right now. Our friendship was hardcore even when we lived on two different continents, and we haven't actually lived in the same city (or even close) for at least ten years, but it doesn't matter. She will always be my bestie.

Can you tell I can wax on about bestie love all day long? But seriously. She's super rad. And now, she shares my love of fabric. 

We made two fabric store trips while she was in town. And the second was all her idea, culminating in her purchasing almost eight yards of fabric. For a fabric newbie, that's pretty intense!  We made a bunch of lined drawstring bags while she was here, and she cut enough fabric to make four more at home.

And the icing on the cake is that she bought yardage of this print from Oh, Deer! for us to make matching skirts one day. I don't know when, since my stomach is rapidly expanding due to Fava growth, but one day.

And because she doesn't want scraps holding her down, she left everything she didn't need with me. I call that quite generous! (And also a bit crazy. Who doesn't want scraps?)

There is all sorts of random in here--some stuff I can see immediate uses for, others that I'll stash and use when needed. Because they will be needed.

Molli Sparkles

I'm linking up today with Sunday Stash, hosted by the amazing Molli Sparkles. 


  1. Stopping by from MS linky Sunday Stash report.

  2. How much fun to share fabric love with your BFF :-) even if she is crazy and leaves behind scraps!

    1. It was a little nutty, but I'm definitely not complaining! And I really should finish up the one bag I started when she was here! :)

  3. so fun! Glad you had a great time :-)

  4. oh so fun! quilty friends are the best. My one quilt buddy goes through my quilty trash when she comes over and takes 'scraps' out of there! Everyone views scraps differently, it's nice they are being appreciated! :) Sounds like you guys had a great time.

  5. I'm so glad I got to meet her! She is super fun!

    1. Not gonna lie, you are a lucky duck! :) I'm glad you got to meet her too.


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