Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TT: Blocks 64-66.

I'm pretty sure it's a miracle, but I pieced three more Tula Pink City Sampler blocks this week. I say it's a miracle because we are entering Day 11 of Illness as my youngest has gotten a double ear infection. Which is FUN.

Block 64. Twelve pieces total. Not too bad. I used Tula's Nest, some Bonnie and Camille Happy Go Lucky, and a random green FQ that my BFF had purchased, but had been cut so poorly that we were unable to use it.

Block 65. Fourteen pieces. I used mostly Acacia, with an orange scrap leftover from BFF lined bag making.

Block 66. Eighteen pieces.  Some Parisville, Kona White, and Bella in Navy.

Blocks 64-66. Woo! It's getting warmer (and drier) outside, so I should be able to lay out my Tula blocks soon and see what they all look like together. I've made a few (20?) since I last did that, so it will be fun to see!

I'm linking up with Tula Tuesday at Diary of a Madfabriholic. See you over there!


  1. These look fantastic- even more so with the backdrop of the sick kiddo! Kudos to your for making ANYTHING :-) I'm drooling over the purple Acacia in block 65. I have it in blue and yellow, but that's apparently not enough...

    1. Nice work! I'm so jealous of y'all that have Tula fabric. I just used whatever was in my stash and treated it as a scrap quilt but the Tula fabrics looks SO GOOD.

    2. It's definitely not enough. I think you need it in purple. It's maybe my favorite print from that collection, actually!

  2. Your blocks look great! I just got some of the new line of Tula. I love the fabric with the dots and bunnies and also foxtrot. All of her fabric lines seem to go together which is great and it makes it easier to use her fabrics together in a quilt.


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