Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In Real Life.

I am back from my epic road trip. 3,564 miles. 7 states. 16 days.

I am exhausted.

And now that I'm back, I'm tackling the equally epic load of laundry, complete and total grocery shopping, and trying to play catch up with homeschooling. Hurrah. The epic road trip did involve some fabric, so hopefully I'll be posting about that soon. There was no that probably doesn't need a post of its own.

BUT! I promised a post about meeting up with Samantha of Diary of Madfabriholic, and friends, I am all about delivering. To be honest, I was all sorts of nervous before our meetup. I'd never ever ever met anyone I knew solely from the internet. More importantly, what if my introverted self refused to make conversation and we sat in a deadly lull for the entire time? What if Fancy Tiger wasn't my cup of tea AT ALL?

Of course, that didn't happen. How could it? Samantha is totally awesome, Fancy Tiger is also awesome, and the evening was super fun.

There was a froo-froo cocktail! I think it was called a cha cha? Or a chi chi? All I know is that it was delicious. There were also tacos because it was Taco Tuesday. (And not the deadly kind of Taco Tuesday, heeheehee.) I had a fish taco and a Spam taco. Let me be clear--normally, I would run from Spam like no girl's business, but in taco form? I had to see it to believe it. (And it was super tasty.)

Of course, it was a tiki bar, which made it more funsies.

Fancy Tiger was wooooooonderful, and the girl who cut my fabric didn't even think I was crazy for squeeing every thirty seconds over something new.

And the evening ended with Voodoo Doughnuts because OMG, it had to. And for a girl who is kinda obsessed with doughnuts--I had a doughnut wedding cake in lieu of the traditional kind--I was super happy.

More details on the trip later, including what I got at Fancy Tiger! Until then, I hope y'all are doing AWESOME, and WAIT until you see the yummy fabric I picked up. See that voile with the birds above? Start thinking of delicious dress ideas because I bought enough yardage for a dress, and I need me some ideas. It must be epic. And use less than three yards. And not be super hard. And possibly look good with boots. Those are the only requirements.


  1. That does sound like quite and epic trip. How awesome that you got to meet Samantha and had such a wonderful time! I can't really help with garment pattern suggestions, but I cannot wait for you to finish it and model it (with boots, of course!!).

    P.s. I love your big, genuine, super excited smiles in these photos. :)

  2. Okay, I read this and want to know, was this a solo girl trip or did your entire family accompany you? Either way, good for you!!!

  3. Um, how the heck did I miss this post??? I had SO much fun meeting you, too- and I hope someday we can do it again!! There are other cool bars, doughnut shops, and fabric store I can take you to...


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