Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tula CS Block 76-80.

I've finished another round of Tula City Sampler blocks. I am so close to finishing the blocks, I can taste it! This specific group came about because I had twelve other things I should be sewing...but I didn't want to. My CS project came to my rescue!

Block 76. Salt Water, Birds and the Bees, and some Cotton + Steel Basics. This is very much out of my regular color zone, but I really really like this block.

Block 77. It goes without saying that I LOVE this block. There's some Acacia here, as well as two older lines of Tula's that I'm too lazy to look up right now.

Block 78. Near identical to Tula's version, but I liked Tula's version, so why not?

Block 79=some Prince Charming, Modkid (Heavens to Helsinki line, I think?) and some Kona Aqua. My raindrops piece was the perfect width but was a 1/4" too short, so I made the center stripe 1/4" longer to accommodate that.

Block 80. And this is probably my least favorite because brown and yellow? Hello. So not awesome. Also similar to Tula's. This one looks kinda wonky, but I promise, it's the photo.

I think I numbered all of those correctly, but I could be wrong. I do know they are 76-80. I'm auditioning potential background fabrics because I just don't think I can do white. Any suggestions? I'm making the rainbow Gridlock version, and it's going on my bed, so it has to be fabulous.


  1. Too bad mirror ball dots are so hard to find in large quantities now, because the silver metallic would be an amazing background. I wonder if there's any other metallics or sparkly fabrics available that would work. I like the yellow and brown one, but that might be leftover brainwashing -- they were my high school colors. :D

  2. Block 77 is so you! For the background, what about some Cotton + Steel? Maybe the Dottie in Kerchief? (

  3. Ha! I can completely relate to making progress on a project because you're avoiding another (or many others!). Thought of you recently while fabric shopping ... I found a store with a handful of old Tula bolts (sadly, no ladybugs, which I wish I had in my stash). Let me know if you want me to hook you up. : )

  4. I'm a teensy but jealous you have all those Tula Pink ladybugs! This quilt is going to be beautiful!

  5. Ahaha brown and yellow. Because we have school uniforms here, I always felt bad for the schools whose colours were brown and yellow hehe.

    What about texty or low volume print? Something like this if it comes back in stock (looks like it was reordered: or even some of the new Doe line when that's released?

    Otherwise hmm.. something metallic like a C+S one (, or a lot of Christmas lines have metallic type blenders that don't look super-Christmasy (which would then go super cheap with the Christmas fabric sales!). This is kind of cool:

    Or for a solid-that's-not-a-solid there's Grunge Basics?


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