Friday, January 9, 2015

A bit of tidying.

I am out of batting. I am also out of interfacing, cotton webbing, and I never had the proper thread I need to quilt one of the tops on my to-do list. I need bag hardware. A trip to Joann's is certainly in order...except the wind chill is -4 degrees F, and there is no way I'm leaving my house unless it catches on fire, and it would have to be a pretty big fire at that.

So I've been tidying. Piecing quilt backs. Prepping binding. Putting fabric away. (Even throwing out my pile of pretty shot cotton trimmings, which hurt my heart a little.) Once I have some batting in my possession, the plan is to attack those three quilt tops and get 'er done. (I'm thinking a marathon basting I even have enough basting pins? Note to self: get more basting pins.)

I've done as much on these bags as I can without interfacing, bag hardware, and the cotton webbing. And while it's nice to have a clean sewing area, and all of those projects are stacked nice and neat and ready, I'd like to be checking some of these things off my list, you know?

SO! The plan is to get to Joann's tomorrow. Buy all the things. Hurry home! Baste, quilt, and bind the secret project of awesome! Maybe baste some other stuff! Fuse all the interfacing! Maybe some other stuff too!

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. That sounds yucky cold! It sounds like a you really do need a marathon trip. I hope you stay warm and it works out so you have a super productive weekend! I hope to finish quilting a project this weekend. Getting the binding on would be an extra bonus! :)

  2. I'm putting binding on a secret project, then hopefully starting a baby's easier to be productive at the sewing machine when it's too cold to go outside! :D But the list does tend to pile up....

  3. So cold! Hopefully you'll get to Joann's tomorrow without freezing your you-know-what off!

  4. Wow you sure got a lot done by just doing what you can do without those supplies. Bravo. I know you didn't actually finish any one thing but all of those are a lot closer to completion.

    1. Thanks! I really did get quite a bit of work done. It just wasn't fun, finishing work, you know? But now I don't have to do all of that stuff, and I am super happy about that! :)

  5. I'm guessing you made it to JoAnn's from the pretty pretty bag (with adjustable strap) I saw on Instagram! And now you have a tidy sewing room with everything ready to go! I call that a win-win in spite of the arctic air!

  6. I'm out of useable sized batting too. I think I've patched all the pieces together that I can to finish the last two quilts. I hate buying it for one or two quilts though. It's so expensive. I've found a place I can order a whole roll from at a very good discounted price. I just have to save the money, and work out where to store it. Under my bed maybe?

  7. I bought a bunch of packaged batting from JoAnns online during a big sale. It was worth every penny of shipping to have it show up at my door- and it's not even -4 here! But I'm on the last package :-(

  8. Lol! For some reason I read your post and thought you said you were going to lock yourself in the bathroom till you got all the quilts basted. Maybe that's because I'm thinking of locking myself in the bathroom because it's another SNOW DAY for the kids. That would have to be one big bathroom to baste a quilt in it:)


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