Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's 2015.

FRIENDS. Unless you've been living in a cave without a calendar, then you probably already know it's 2015, but it's still a bit of a kick in the pants to me. While I haven't been in a cave for the past few weeks, I have been dealing with the flu to end all flus, and OMG, I am so over it. I spent three days in bed, which is unheard of, and my husband has spent seven. (I've yet to see if today will be day eight or if the poor man is feeling well enough to be up for a bit. Just in: he's out of bed! Woohoo!)

Before I got waylaid, I was working on this stack of yummy delicious shot cottons. (Secret project of awesome, coming soon to an awesome blog near you! Or, you know, this one.)

This pile is slowly growing. Lots and lots of trimming. But you know what that means? Super sharp corners of yummo. That's what.

I finished my Stash Bee block--and more importantly, my "tutorial"--just under the wire. Block is based on the Glorious Autumn block by Fresh Lemons Quilts.

I finished this quilt top earlier in December for my newest niece, who decided she just couldn't wait to meet me, so she came three weeks early! Meaning I have to get this quilted pronto. Luckily for me, I picked up backing fabric recently, and now I just need to get batting.

Stupid flu. Wrecked all of my well-laid plans. It's day 1 of 2015, and I'm already behind. UGH. Alright! Off to work on the secret project of awesome. Because, you know, it's awesome.


  1. Congratulations on your new niece! It sounds like she was just too excited to meet you and get her quilt! ;) Happy New Year and yay for so many beautiful projects!

  2. I had a feeling something was going on with you guys. I'm so sorry to hear that it's the same plague that I have! My husband and children haven't fallen ... yet.

    A very happy new year to you, my friend! May it be a productive and quilty one. : )

  3. Someone was obviously excited about her quilt :)

    Can't wait to see this secret project! Those shot cottons look so yummy!

    Hope the flu leaves you alone soon!

  4. Am I really not the only person who loves how trimming scraps look? These flus that have been going around lately are crazy, glad to hear you're feeling better!


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