Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Lunchbag for My Husband.

On December 23rd, I had a bit of time to myself to sew, and I ran through my Q4 FAL list to see what was unfinished. Dare I try to finish anything on the list? THEN, near the bottom of the list, it called to me. A companion bag for my husband's messenger bag, and I could totally finish it before the end of the year, PLUS, have it done in time for Christmas, right? Right.

So I did. I used Pink Penguin's lunchbag tutorial, which I've used once before for another lunchbag last year.

Fabrics are the brown duck cloth from my husband's messenger bag (which I still have oodles of) and the blue and cream cross-hatch home dec print. I couldn't find any cording or twill tape in my stash that I had in sufficient quantity, so I used the selvedge ends from the pillowcase I made for my husband, also for Christmas.

He was pretty excited about it, which made me pretty excited. This is my fourth finish from my Q4 FAL list, though I have one more really exciting one to share with you, hopefully tomorrow.


  1. How awesome to get it done for him and for him to be excited about it. It looks fantastic!


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