Friday, September 2, 2016

30 Days of Quilt Design 11-15

I have made it to the halfway point, and boy, am I surprised! I didn't think I'd get here, and while I've definitely slowed down in the last week or so, I'm chalking that up to life stuff.

#11 Tabled is a design I actually took from a table--better pic of the table below. I would make up this quilt in browns! Totally surprising everyone, including myself!

Honestly, I'd love to have this very table in my own home, but then again, there is something to having a table that is twice as old as I am and well used--I'm not worried when my kids draw on it in crayon.

#12 Hey Y'all. I saw the below pillow, and I loved it. And now I want a mini quilt that says "hey y'all" to hang by my door.


#13 is Rhombus. Not my favorite.

I think #14 Interlocked could go somewhere. My vision is a scrappy low volume background with scrappy tan/sand colored diamonds.

#15 Stained Glass. I have no idea how I would even accomplish this. But the idea is fun. I think I'd want to do it with maybe a metallic silver or gold background--C+S Netorious, maybe?--and some jewel colors.

And that's 11 through 15. Let's see if I can put together fifteen more designs before the end of October! Are you participating? I'm really enjoying looking at the other designs. Such fun!


  1. Rhombus might not be your favorite, but it really speaks to me. All that negative space would be so much fun to quilt!!! :)

  2. Anything with the word y'all is a winner in my book! Lol. I've enjoyed seeing your designs so far and hearing how they came about. Thanks for sharing! :)


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