Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hard at Work.

My in-laws are descending in approximately 1-1.5 hours--that makes it sound horrible, but I'm actually really looking forward to seeing them as my in-laws are lovely people--and I realized there has been a bit of sewing since I last chimed in around these parts, and maybe you'd like to see it?

I finished piecing all of the blocks for Lito's big boy quilt, decided on a layout, sashed them, and then started considering border options. I considered a single fabric border, but I didn't have enough of any one print to manage that. Then I thought scrappy. And THEN I decided to cut out half blocks of a sort, and do a border of half blocks (without the fussy framed bit) with sashing, which I thought would look awfully smart.

And then I laid out the quilt on my son's bed, realized it was big enough in its current state and a 5" border on all sides would make it HUGE, so I'm axing the border ideas and leaving it as is. I'll bind it in the lime solid, and I'll back it with leftover fabric from the top as I still have quite a bit left! I waffle between sending this out to be long-armed and quilting it myself.

This is where Bun's baby quilt sits at present. I think this measures 24"? But I could be wrong.

I'm making friendship stars for the next border. I've got eight done, and I need twelve more. I think I have fabric cut for at least five of those? For some reason, these 6.5" blocks are taking an awfully long time to finish, probably because I was trying to be really good about making sure my directional fabric is all proper. Then I went and sewed one up spinning the opposite direction. The Instagram folks say I should keep it as is, and I'm inclined to agree because 1) I kinda like the idea, and 2) they're taking so long that I'm loathe to seam rip anything that doesn't absolutely require it.

HSTs and 2.5" squares and trimmings. I'll finish these blocks eventually, but I'm starting to think I won't have Bun's quilt or Lito's quilt done before Bun arrives. And if not, who knows when they'll be finished? But I don't want to worry about that, so I'm not going to.

We've started a new project at my house, one that doesn't involve fabric at all! We--and by we, I mean my husband as I don't allow myself to use power tools or any tools really because I always destroy things--are building bunk beds for our boys.

My husband is my complete opposite and is requiring that each board finished is absolutely perfect and uniform, which is totally a good thing, but means our progress is slow.

And due to a kajillion (maybe a kajillion and one?) kerfuffles with our tool situation--I'm not kidding, it's laughable all of the things that have gone wrong--he has resorted to using old school tools, some of which date from the 1920s. Hopefully the situation will improve soon, but as we're still waiting on a delivery that should have been here THREE WEEKS AGO, it's hard to say when.

My good friend and her kiddos are coming for a visit just as my in-laws depart, so I'm not sure when I'll be popping up in this space again. I hope y'all are doing super well!


  1. Wow, how awesome that Lito's quilt is big enough without more piecing or a border. Win! I love the idea of a lime green binding, too. I hope you enjoy your visits with everyone. <3

  2. Lovely to have a full catch up Audrey - you have been busy. Lito's quilt is gorgeous and will look fantastic with a lime border. Have fun with all your visitors.

  3. Lito's quilt is looking awesome! A lime green binding sounds perfect also. :) Did Bean become a Bun? Because if she did, I love that! Lol. Her quilt is shaping up wonderfully. Enjoy all your visiting with family and friends!


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