Monday, September 12, 2016

30 Days of Quilt Design 16-20

Goodness, I've made it more than halfway for #30daysofquiltdesign! For a girl who was hoping to make it to ten designs, I'm thrilled to have finished 20! And knowing that some of those are designs I'd actually seriously consider making--well, that's even more fun. The last couple of designs were actually put together in Photoshop. This girl is branching out! There is still plenty of time to take part in the challenge--it goes until the end of October--so if you've been considering it, I'd recommend you jump right in!

#16 XOXO
I had a really interesting conversation with Yvonne the other day about my weird relationship with blue--it makes me nervous to work with it--and I started thinking I needed to use it very intentionally to squash those nerves. I love blue! It shouldn't make me nervous. I've been thinking about it a lot, and I guess what it comes down to is that I feel like quilts that I've made using blue aren't very 'me'. So I need to find a way to incorporate blue into my work in a manner that still feels characteristic of my style. My aesthetic surely isn't limited by a warm color palette! Making XOXO in a scrappy orange palette would be mucho fun, but what if I made it in blue and white? Or navy and apricot?

#17 Off Topic
I had originally wanted to make this one in scrappy black and white prints or maybe C+S's blue and white collection, but then I saw this quilt on owen's olivia instagram, and OMG. (Also, am I like the last person to start following owen's olivia? Where have I been?) Black and white solids with a black and white stripe border. O.M.G. Can we say yum? So forget the prints! Off Topic would be black and white solids. With a black and white stripe border. Because how can you say no to that kind of genius??? (And then when it was done, I'd give it away because it would stay clean in my house for about thirty seconds before peanut butter hands would find it.)

#18 Tilted Star
Years and years and years ago, I found a super cool triangle image somewhere online. I have no idea where or who deserves the credit. I don't even know that the site I saw it properly credited it. But I stumbled across it the other day and thought it would look super sweet as a quilt. A quick (messy) pen sketch later, and boom. It would. Even if composing this bad boy would be a royal pain in the derriere.

#19 Untitled
I think the most exciting part of #18 came from the center bit. I thought it would look really cool as a quilt block, so I mocked it up in Photoshop and played around with colors. I really really really like this one. Like, next baby quilt I have to make will be using this block (which is probably not original and has a name already) because I'm in love.

#20 Untitled 2
This is the same block as #19, but I rotated some of the blocks and did the center bit a little different. It made me consider what the block would look like doubled in size and at different angles and in a different color palette. I have a feeling there will be at least one or two more quilts using this block in my 30 days. Maybe #21 and #22? We'll see.


  1. I see it as squares in a square set on the diagonal with sashing with connecting corners, in beween. Love the quilt!

  2. I just love that orange peel design. :)

  3. Orange peels!! I love them, they are probably my favorite 'traditional' block. :) Congrats on graduating up to PhotoShop! Loving your design ideas.

  4. Love your designs! I think you could also combine orange and blue in that first design. Love that combo!
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