Friday, March 30, 2018

Coast to Coast 2: C's Quilt

I shared K's quilt with y'all earlier this week, and today I'm back to share C's quilt with you!

C's quilt was the first one (other than my own) that I tackled for C2C this year. I feel like the first round is always super tough--you're setting a major tone for future additions! And I struggled with C's quilt. I felt like I could go a conservative route and tack on some trees, or a sunshine in the sky, or a river underneath, and I sketched out numerous plans. I researched natural features in NH, where C is from, and I even considered improv piecing a waterfall. But none of those ideas felt right.

What did feel right was a retro travel poster idea. I reached out to C, who was okay with my idea, and I went to town! I googled retro travel posters and looked for ideas. I ultimately decided to frame the mountains with a white-on-white print and a chocolate shot cotton, which totally looks black and way too much in the pic above, but it's really a tad more demure.

For the lettering, I used a red and white polka dot because I knew I wanted red. Yummy, yummy red. I bought an alphabet pattern from From Blank Pages, and it was awesome. I would totally recommend it!

This was a teaser I put up on instagram, and I asked readers to guess what it was going to say. Some of the responses were totally awesome.

Next I'll work on S's quilt, but I have a brief break because I haven't received it just yet. Here's hoping I can squeeze out another quilt or two and maybe even cut into the fabric I purchased for two dresses this past weekend. (Yes, two. Apparently my fabric-buying self-control went out the window this weekend. I blame it on the snow and my need to wear sundresses without heavy tights and boots.)

Do you have any fun weekend sewing plans? I'm going to be staring longingly at my tangerine knit fabric and my Moneta dress pattern. Maybe???


  1. I'm planning to work on my addition to this quilt this weekend! I also need to start quilting a baby quilt. :D

  2. What a fun idea to be inspired by retro post cards! The polka dot print is perfection for that idea. I definitely look forward to seeing how others add on to the idea.


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