Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Coast to Coast 2: K's Quilt

So, apparently I haven't posted about the second quilt I've worked on for Coast to Coast 2018, but I just finished this one yesterday, and I'm super excited about it, so you get to see K's first. (Though I'm not gonna lie, C's is another sort of super cool.)

This is what I received in the mail a few weeks ago. K had started with the awesome paper pieced center, and C had put it on point (SUCH an awesome decision) and added the patchwork. K requested movement, and I thought one way of furthering that goal would be to put it on point again.

So I did.

My initial plan was to do stripes. The starting point is gorgeous with a yum low volume/color balance, but I thought the use of minimal LV and bold colors in my round would be a fun contrast. (It also feels like a total Audrey move, not gonna lie.) But stripes seemed kinda...boring. And since K is not only my quilt bee buddy but ALSO the person who introduced me to quilting, I couldn't just slap together a set of stripes and call it done. So I added triangles, which I think was the right move.

The fabrics I chose for this were a yellow pin dot I had in stash, an Alison Glass print in orange (one of my fave prints from her), some grunge in a cream, a fun batik I picked up, and this purple stripe print, which I think seals the deal. Like, it would be cool without it, and I almost chickened out and went with a grunge in purple, but the saleslady caught me putting back the stripe-y bolt and pretty much strong-armed me into it. (In the best sort of way--she was lovely.) I was worried the stripes wouldn't line up and it would be super obvious, but I think it works out okay.

I also chose to piece the yellow and orange at different widths, so in two corners, the yellow is more prominent, and in two, the orange is more prominent. I obviously didn't make the width too different because I don't think most people would notice, but I had hoped it would add to the movement theme.

I seriously love this bee!


  1. Oh my goodness I just love what you added! I love how strong the purple border is and I'm excited to work on it next!

  2. The movement in the yellow orange is really nice (thanks for pointing it out so I didn't miss it), and I like how the dark purple/cobalt kind of looks like tile and gives the whole piece a really cool mosaic feeling!


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