Tuesday, February 19, 2013

BBT/WIP: February Blocks, Part 1

Block #1 is for the Make It Modern Bee. The request was for any type of 12.5" unfinished block in bright solids with white background. This color combination looks almost neon to me. (Which means that of course I love it.) I used this tutorial from Don't Call Me Betsy. The Kona solids are pomegranate, turquoise, and tangerine.

I had originally made this rainbow of geese for my bee mate, but for some reason, it wound up at 12" unfinished, and I do not have the patience to try and piece this again right now, especially since I have no idea how I made a paper-pieced block .5" shorter than intended. I used various solids...mostly Kona? I'll find something to use this lovely for, but right now, it's sitting on my wall.

Finally, I finished both of my February blocks for the Sisters' 10 BOM. Woo! I'm hoping to finish my second bee block and my February LS BOM block in the next day or so. Maybe? If I'm lucky and both boys simul-nap? Cross your fingers for me, okay?

I'm linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday at Quilter in the Closet and WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Kona sure has come out with a lot of neat colors. Pretty blocks. I don't do much paper piecing so not sure what happened with the other block but it sure looks like it would make a nice pillow or tote bag.

  2. Your flying geese look great even if they are a little too small. I've only done a few pp blocks and can't say I enjoyed it. I didn't like cutting off the excess. It was always weird shapes that I wouldn't be able to use as scrap.

  3. Love that rainbow geese block, even with the .5" error- I'm sure it will end up being the start of something else lovely...

    1. Thanks! I really do love the block, so it's not entirely a bad thing that I have to keep it. I'm thinking of possibly turning it into a pillow or a mini quilt with some hand-stitching.

  4. Right, they're all gorgeous! But I love the Make it Modern Bee block the mostest :) and i'm quite jealous you get to keep the flying geese - make more mistakes, you'll have such a lovely collection (ignore that you'll have twice as much to do!), x


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