Monday, February 25, 2013

SS: Monday Stash?

I would've posted yesterday, but the postman was late with my squishy mail, and it didn't arrive until today. (Le sigh!) Still, it arrived, and it's TULA yum! (Oh, and some AMH ribbon.)

My fabric came from Fanciful Fabrics, and I paused and spent a good minute petting these lovelies before my kidlets demanded attention. The Meteors and Tree of Life prints are from the Birds and the Bees, and since they were end of bolts, they were on sale (yay!) The bottom print is from Tula's Salt Water collection, and I love love love love love it. I have big plans for that print. I may have joined a Tula fabric swap--I can't help myself! It's Tula, and I have a problem!--and while the Tree of Life print is my contribution, I'm planning to use the Seaweeds and Submarine print with the 10" squares I receive in return.

As if that wasn't enough goodness, the AMH ribbon was on sale, and I've been wanting to make a gathered clutch for some time now, and why not use the ribbon on the front? Yum yum yum.

I'm linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth. It's her one year Sunday Stash anniversary, isn't that neat? Oh, and it may just be a certain hot pink girl's one year quilt blog anniversary in a few days, and there may just be a giveaway involved. Stay tuned, Friends!


  1. I'm excited to see your clutch with the ribbon!

  2. I love that Tree of Life fabric. I have it in a couple of colourways. Just so pretty :-)

  3. I love Tula too! Her designs are so versatile!

  4. You are in good company, I know many fine Tula addicts. I have a very early quilt made with her bee and honeycomb fabrics from around 2008. Gorgeous colours. So glad to have you link up for the give away. I'll keep my eye out for yours.

  5. They are so pretty. That blue submarine fabric looks nice online but isn't it just amazing in real life? Yumm :)


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