Saturday, February 2, 2013

the good and the bad.

The Good:
  • Cleaning the battery contacts on my camera=working camera! Woo!
  • Discovering that the 4 yards of Ikea fabric I bought on clearance (see above) has a larger WOF than I anticipated, meaning I didn't have to piece a back for my HST quilt, meaning I only had to use less than two yards, meaning I have enough leftover to serve as the back for my other quilt. Woo!
  • Getting in some quilting yesterday, then attacking my knitting as my husband and I sat and watched the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. The best part? It was totally his idea to watch it. (He just finished reading P&P for the first time and is curious about the video adaptation.) Woo!
  • I was honored with the Versatile Blogger award. (See below.) Woo!
The Bad:
  • My entire family appears to have come down with a cold=there goes my quilting weekend. Boo.

Anna from The Crooked Banana was a peach and honored me with this award. I'm going to sit out the nominating portion of this one as I just finished Liebster-ing, but I will tell you seven more crazy random things about me. Don't laugh!
  • I love epic board games. (I'm totally stealing this one from Anna, but since it's true for me too, I think it will be forgiven.) I LOVE Dominion. I'm up for playing Settlers, Pandemic, Small World, etc., but Dominion has truly captured my heart. A couple of nights ago, we played using the standard deck plus the Seaside and Hinterlands expansion. It. Was. Glorious.
  • The first crafty thing I can remember doing was making friendship bracelets. I had a box of embroidery floss in tons of colors, and I would charge friends five cents a color to make them a bracelet. (Even then, I had to slash my labor costs to compete in the market.)
  • Before he died, I had a chance to see Pavarotti sing, but I gave my ticket away so I could go hang out with friends instead. (In my defense, I hadn't ever really paid attention to who he was before then, but now I could kick myself for not going.) 
  • I love college football. (The American type, though I do enjoy playing the other type.) I'm a Big Ten girl, and I love Ohio State. (Yay Urban Meyer!)
  • I started my first blog many many many years ago on a website called teen open diary. It was all kinds of awesome. I wrote about my thoughts on Christianity and other stuff, and I got into the occasional shouting match with other bloggers over our interpretations of particular parts of scripture. It was all sorts of emo and drama, and I was not sad to leave that venue. It is also when I started to learn how to use html. 
  • For many many years, I thought I was going to study cellular biology at university. I wanted to  eventually work for the CDC. Then, in my senior year of high school, I gave myself permission to pursue what I really wanted to do--creative writing.
  • When I was a freshman in high school, I got chewed out by the school librarian for reading Jane Eyre during my lunch break. Apparently, she had never seen a freshman reading a novel of that variety voluntarily, and she assumed I was up to no good. 
There you have it! Seven more entirely random things about me.  Thanks, Anna, for thinking of me! And to all of you other Friends out there, I want to hear about your weekend plans. Will you get some quilty time?


  1. Oh Audrey those random facts are fascinating - I never picked you for a board game Dominator, College Football watcher or an Emo but I can definitely accept that you were a Jane Austen loving, Christian craft maker. The jarring facts make you more endearing. I am going to my first ever quilt group at the LQS this afternoon. Yay. All the best with cold recovery but at least you have six hours of P & P to watch.

  2. That's a fun insight into who you are ;-)

  3. Love finding out your random facts. I confess I am a board game lover too, but no one will ever play with me because I get very competitive and am a stickler for the rules so get very bossy. I hate sports, so you lost me there, but I have the BBC P&P on DVD that I have watched so many times I can give directors commentary from the kitchen - they're walking across the fields. She's looking at him adoringly. Wait, wait... She's knows she's marrying the stupidest man in merriton! Aha, love!!
    I have to go watch it now :-)
    E xx

  4. Oh that was fun to read! I read Tess of the D'Urbervilles in one day in high school and be always wanted to have a girl and name her Joy in stark contrast to Sorrow. I carried and stacked an entire cord of wood by myself today.

  5. Ps have you ever tried Emergen C? It works, for real. Hope you all feel better.


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