Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello, February!

Hi February! It's good to see you. Could you bring some warmer temperatures my way? Thanks a latte! Love, Audrey

I didn't get much done for January, and I had to fight the clock for every minute I got!

Blocks for the Sisters' 10 BOM

This month I gave myself a short list:
I'm not sure my poor son is ever going to get his cape. Good thing he has his trusty hooded bath towel to wear, right?

And as for February, here is my seriously ambitious plan:
  • Make It Modern Bee Blocks (2)
  • Lucky Stars BOM Block (1)
  • Sisters' 10 BOM Blocks (2)
  • Cape for Banzo
  • Quilt for my sister--baste, quilt, and bind
  • Quilt for my cousin--start to finish
  • Le Mille Quilt--finish quilting and bind
  • Organize and purge junk and clean all the things!  
Wish me luck! I'm linking up with Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts because FSD is awesomesauce!
Lily's Quilts


  1. Phew you are going to be very busy in February!!! x

  2. Awesome blocks, they're great. Good luck with your to do list :)

  3. Your Feb plans look a lot more ambitious than mine! Haha, I suppose I like to keep small goals so that I'm almost guaranteed to finish them. :P

  4. Oh I love your Ten Sisters' blocks! Great fabric choices!

  5. what beautiful blocks - they are really lovely!

  6. Fingers crossed for you for February. You've got a big list there :-)
    E xx

  7. Those blocks are fantastic! Great prints!

  8. Wow I think I counted three quilts in there Audrey. Will you be locking yourself away each night? Maybe hoping the little elves will surprise you in the morning. At least quilting is more exciting than unpacking, sorting and purging!


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