Friday, January 10, 2014

FF: Patchwork Pillows.

These pillows were holiday gifts for my kidlets, which I finished before the holiday, stowed away in a closet, and forgot until three days after Christmas. (Mom of the Year!) They stand 20" square, and I made one for each kidlet so they'd have something squishy to lay on/sit on/lounge on while watching a show or listening to a story. My oldest especially is very particular. He likes a Mama blanket and a pillow, and I think he'll really enjoy having his own special pillow.

I made the blue one first, and boy, was it evil. See that brown thread? Well, I inherited it from my mother, and it was absolutely horrible evil awfulness, probably because it was manufactured before I was born. (Okay, I'm not entirely sure on the age of the thread, but it was a bit old.) It snapped about every three seconds, and I kept quilting. Why would I do that to myself? Because I didn't have time to go out and buy more chocolate brown thread. That's why.

I switched to a different, newer type of thread for the second pillow, and everything was smooth sailing. However, I'm still not totally pleased with this one because the brown solid is very dark, and I feel like it steals from the yellow print.

In the end, I remind myself that my children (boys prone to sticky hands and muddy clothing) will be using them, and they're not very particular about that sort of thing.

I'm linking up with Finish It Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts and TGIFF at Quilt Matters. Happy Friday!


  1. They are adorable, Audrey! Good call on not getting fussed about them. The things I make for my kids get 'stickified' quickly too. LOL!

  2. I really like the brown with the orange! Adds depth :-). And toys for boys are never going to stay clean for long, so in my book, anything that's not white is a winner! Lol.
    I think they're very cute pillows and I bet the boys love them.
    E xx

  3. They look great :D A nice post-Christmas gift - extend the fun!

  4. I totally forget about gifts if the closet too! These pillows are super cute. I'd say you're a fantastic mom for taking the time to make them and you did remember them eventually :)


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