Sunday, January 26, 2014

SS: Pink and Sunny Edition.

Hello Lovelies! I'm still visiting my familia, and the kidlets and I have been having a great time. Lots of delicious food, lots of family time, and I've seen a couple of old friends, which is always amazing. I also had a conversation with my daddy about my recent medallion quilt start.

Daddy: "So, this quilt thing."
Me: "Yes?"
Daddy: "Did you just add the borders or what?"
Me: "No, Daddy. I made the entire thing."
Daddy: "What???? How did you make that?"
Me: "I sewed it, Daddy. On my sewing machine. With thread."

Then he continued to question me regarding its construction for several minutes. I think I've finally convinced him that I did, in fact, sew it, but I'm wondering if I should be offended by his lack of faith? Or I'll just laugh at him because he's silly, which is really the better choice.

I should be back at my home sometime this week, and then I'll post some pics from my trip. (Mostly of the food and sunrise/sunset variety.) I'll also be arriving home to bee blocks from Stash Bee and my first Fierce Quilters Bee package, and I'm excited to see what those hold!

But today! Oh, today, I have fabric.

I visited Hip Stitch, a modern quilting store in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They had a huge pink fabric display in the front window, and of course I had to snag those strawberries. I bought enough to make me a skirt--my mama called me "Strawberry Baby" as a kid because of my serious fondness for strawberries--but now I'm reconsidering because another project idea has come to mind. We'll see.

I also picked up some Sunnyside, which I think was my first Kate Spain purchase where I knew I was buying Kate Spain. (I may have purchased some Central Park forever ago because it was yellow, and I needed yellow, but there was no selvage info, and I didn't realize the designer until much much later.) Yay for purposeful Kate Spain purchases!

And this batik! *Sigh.* It had me at hello. I know some of y'all aren't on good terms with batiks, so some of you may automatically hate this, but I couldn't say no. It was pink! PINK! And this is by far the coolest batik pattern I've ever seen. I have a thing about clouds and rain (see above Kate Spain purchases) and when I saw this, I knew it was coming home with me. The only info I have on it is "Sun-Drenched Batiks" but I do know it was in several other colorways, and it's lucky I didn't see those bolts until I was already checking out.

I'm linking up today with Sunday Stash, which is visiting Sarah Quilts. Sarah is super nice and awesome, so be sure to get your post written up and link up on her page because there is a giveaway, and we know how awesome those are!


  1. I *adore* the Briar Rose strawberries!! I have that pink cotton, plus a few yards of both colorways in jersey that I just can't bring myself to cut into : P I was supposed to make myself some summer pj pants, but then I think it's such a shame to waste it on something no one will see... maybe tee dresses for my littles instead? Maybe. If I can learn to share!

  2. First, your Dad sounds like my Dad! Second, fantastic haul! Third, I'm diggin' the pink batik! That's all. 8-)

  3. You can't go wrong with those awesome Heather Ross strawberries!

    1. I know, right? I want to have them forever.... :)

  4. Got myself a bit of fabric-envy going on here! Don't usually care for batiks but that pinkness is just deeeeeee-licious :)

  5. That story about your and your dad is hilarious. I think you should take it as a compliment! I love all of the fabric you picked up! I'm not usually a batik fan, but this is one of the best I've seen!

  6. Yes! Super nice and awesome is exactly what I'm going for. :) :) :)

    That is definitely an amazing batik. It's so easy to overlook them but you were right on with this one. I love it.

    My quilting conversations with my Dad go like this.

    Dad, "So you're really into this quilt thing huh?"

    Me, "Yup."

  7. batiks can surprise sometimes :-)

  8. Great fabric picks! And I can't wait til you get home to your package :) I realized today that I left one piece of fabric out... I was making all sorts of mistakes last eek with the fever and everything. But I didn't have that much left anyway so I think it'll be okay.

    Oh, and I think you should take your dad's disbelief as a compliment. You're so amazing, he can't even fathom that someone could make it by hand! That's how awesome you are :)

  9. Your dad sounds like my dad. I don't think is lack of faith I take it as they are always amazed at how talented we are (lol). Great fabrics.


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