Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stacking Blocks Mini Quilt.

Recently, I received a package all the way from Kauai, and this was inside! My quilting sensei K sent me a mini quilt for Christmas, and of course I absolutely adore it. I'm incredibly glad I have a bit of dowel rod on hand so that I can get this hung, and pronto!

A few months ago, K made an entire baby quilt of stacking blocks, and it was super epic and super fantastic and altogether amazing. Did I mention this mini quilt is backed in a hot pink and white polka dot? Complete perfection. *Sigh.*

And a close up. Eep! I'm in love. If only I could figure out where to hang this lovely!

Thank you, K! I love my gift!


  1. Nice! That's so precise you'd think she was a scientist or something....

  2. Is it strange that I always look for Q*bert when I see stacked blocks quilts? :) It's lovely though!

  3. Ha! I can't believe Alisa said that about Qbert, becaue I too think of him when I see stacked block quilts- which is probably why I love them so much! BTW, I love the colors in this one. What a great gift!


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