Monday, April 18, 2016

April, So Far.

My family is moving in less than a month. I had known for over a year that we would be moving sometime this summer, I had just thought it would be more on the July side of the summer. But nope. May. Because May is waaaaay more fun than July.

Of course, it's beautiful and finally warm outside, and we've been soaking in some Vitamin D like no one's business. I truly love the neighborhood I live in--walking distance to a small grocery store, a stellar park, our amazing library, and several of our friends' homes--and I've been trying to soak all of that in too. When we moved to the midwest, I didn't expect I would ever like it here. And while I am more than happy to say goodbye to tornadoes and massive amounts of snow--oh wait, that's coming with me--I am sad to consider all of the wonderful things we are leaving behind.

This girl, Audrey? She's nostalgic. Gets attached. Can get a wee bit, well, weepy.

I've been self-medicating with cookies and tea. And trying to read every last book in the library because I have this fear we're going to move somewhere with a really crummy library.

And with my dearest Stella out for a week or so, I'm reduced to handstitching, knitting, and finally trimming these blocks. Seriously, I've been meaning to trim them for ages. So it's good to finally get that done, make a plan for setting and do the math. I've done math for a few other projects too, calculating fabric requirements and looking at my timeline.

Oh, but before Stella went bye-bye, I managed to wip up this bee block for Stash Bee. I'm pretty stoked that I finally managed to get all of my stuff to line up directionally on the first shot. It really does make for a classy looking block.

What are y'all up to? I know a ton of other quilters who are moving too, so apparently it's the season for moving.


  1. It is definitely the season for moving!!! That first photo looks sooooo familiar. ;) It sounds like you're moving across states, which is far worse than my planned move (just an hour away), so thanks for putting mine in perspective. :D

  2. Yikes, I hate the hassle of moving, there's always just too much stuff! Thankfully, you're getting to have a bit of a last hurrah and enjoy all the lovely things of your home. :)

  3. Oh wow, I had no idea about an impending move for you. I hope that it goes smoothly and there are some amazing people and locations waiting for you on the other end. <3

  4. I'm right there with you on the library front - in NZ the libraries were fantastic. I could get inter-library loans from the whole of the lower North Island libraries for free. In UK they have reduced the books, not a good selection of craft, sewing, quilting books and can only borrow from the district - at a cost. Wishing your new home is equipped with an amazingly library!


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