Saturday, April 9, 2016

Q2 2016 FAL List

Friends, Q1 saw three finishes--almost four!--from eight proposed WIPs. I am pretty stoked about those finishes because they were well earned. And this quarter has a list just as exciting as Q1, if only because I have about a kajillion baby quilts to finish. (This list only has the three I've planned so far!)

1. Negroni shirt for husband 
I completed a muslin that was waaaaaay too big. 
I need to make another before proceeding.

2. Hot Pink Socks
One sock is knitted; I've turned my heel and need to finish up.

3. Midnight Mystery Quilt
Top needs borders, baste, quilt, bind

4. 241 Tote for Me
Planning to use some C+S and other prints; materials gathered
This will probably not happen. But I can dream.

5. Baby Quilt for Mel
Fabric cut; needs assembly

6. Baby Quilt for B
Fabric and pattern assembled

7. Baby Quilt for A
7/9 blocks made; need to sash and join

8. Quilt for K
blocks done; need to sash and join

I'm linking up! Are you? 
2016 FAL


  1. Oh my, I live the fabrics for the baby quilt for B. I hope you have a really amazing and productive quarter!

    1. Love these fabrics too. Do you know what line they are?

    2. Love these fabrics too. Do you know what line they are?

  2. Looking forward to the finish of your quilt for K. Love all those blues and greens.

  3. Such a fun variety of fabrics and projects! Looking at other goal link ups, it certainly is baby quilt making season for many of us! Lol. Good luck with your goals, looking forward to seeing your progress! :)

  4. What lovely projects you have on your list this quarter - so much colour in there! Good luck!


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