Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Baby Quilt that Almost Wasn't...

...then was again.

I started with this stack of fabrics for a commissioned baby quilt. The request was simple patchwork or another simple design for a minimalist-loving nature-y mama. The customer asked that I use scraps I might have on hand because the mama is a big fan of no waste and recycling. (I'd made this baby's big sister a quilt using scraps, and they really liked that about it.)

No problem, right? I have a kajillion scraps on hand, right? True. But I was trying to stick to the original quilt, which used 5" squares, and I don't have a ton of charm squares on hand. I found a stack of olives and tans, bought a navy solid, and that's where everything went terribly wrong.

Stella refused to sew the navy fabric. It turned out to be a cheaper blend than I'd anticipated, and it pretty much dissolved when it made contact with the needle. Rather than push through what would certainly be agony, I decided to forget about this fabric pull and find another idea.

But what? What would be a useful, thoughtful fabric project that would equally excite this mama?

What about some old school fabric from my grandmother's stash? A wholecloth quilt, so no waste whatsoever. This felt like a decent alternative, and I'm hoping the recipient will be excited by it.

(My quilt holder is in training. Also, he's kinda teeny. But he's a cutie patootie, so it's all good.)

I backed it in this brown minky. Oy vey, is this quilt soft! This was my first time quilting with minky, and honestly, I expected it to be a bigger deal than it actually was. I took my time basting it, and I quilted slower than usual with my walking foot. It probably would've been a bigger deal if it was a bigger project, but I wouldn't mind sewing up another minky-backed baby quilt. The most annoying bit about it was that it shed A LOT.

I bound it in the same stripe as the front, and I did it entirely by machine. I wanted to finish this by the end of April, and I barely made my deadline, but I'm chalking it up as a win.

Finally, I had to share this picture from the other morning. One of my sons decided to sit on my lap as I quilted, and he thought the quilt would serve better as a parking lot for his cars.

Finish numero dos from my FAL list, woo!


  1. Oh my goodness, the shedding on minky is the worst (I worked with it earlier in the year and still am finding red fuzz every.where). But it is so soft... I hope the mama and new baby love this quilt.

  2. Sometimes you just can't beat simplicity! I haven't backed a quilt in minky yet, but I've made some baby toys with it. So soft and lovely. 😊

  3. I find it amazing that you are able to quilt with a kid on your lap!!! Amazing!!!! Congratulations on the finish and thank you for participating in the 2016FAL, on behalf of all the hosts!


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