Friday, April 8, 2016

FF: Baby Geranium Dress

With about a kajillion friends/family members who are pregnant, I thought I'd try my hand at some baby pants. When I started sorting through my bits of fabric, I stumbled across this Cotton + Steel panel print that I had been saving to make some new cushion covers for my living room. And while it would make some sweet cushion covers, it would also make some awesome baby pants.

Then I had another moment to think. Forget pants--this fabric would make an even COOLER baby dress. So yes. I spent a bit of a weekend sewing up this oh-so adorable Little Geranium dress. The top bit is also a Cotton + Steel print, and I sewed up the entire thing in white Aurifil thread. This pattern was super easy, and it should have been a quick sew, except I kept thinking I knew more than the pattern did, and instead of reading directions, I would wing it, and I ALWAYS did something silly. There was more than my usual seam ripping with this bad boy.

But even with all of the seam ripping, I would totally make this dress again. You know, if I HAD GIRLS and needed baby girl dresses. While the infant version of the Geranium dress is a free download, if I ever need a big girl dress, I know what my first choice will be.

Best of all...I still have plenty of the feature print left to make cushion covers. Woo!


  1. This is just all kinds of adorable. :)

  2. That is so stinkin' cute! I can't stand it! Great job!!!

  3. That is just gorgeous! I am there with you on the knowing-more-than-the-pattern front!!


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