Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Q1 FAL list.

Dudes, I cannot even remember the last time I did this. (It was probably only a quarter or two ago, haha, but it feels like ages!) And I'm up for another round, so here is my list in all of its AWESOME glory.

1. Wayward Transparency Quilt - needs to be quilted and bound

2. Magnolia Mystery Quilt - needs to be quilted and bound

3. Midnight Mystery Quilt -
I'm hopeful this is the quarter that this goes to the longarmer--
I have no idea how to have them quilt it!!!

4. Patina Quilt - I'm a third of the way done with the quilting

5. C2C Quilt - need to baste, quilt, bind

6. Triceratops Moneta Dress - 
I made a purple Moneta dress as a muslin, now I'm ready to make more!

7. Octopus Moneta Dress for ME--have pattern and fabric


8. A Matching Octopus Geranium Dress for my daughter--have pattern and fabric

Let's cap it at eight. That's more than enough for right now! I'm linking up with the 2018 FAL Q1 linky party! Woo!


  1. Yay for finished quilt tops that need quilting!! My Midnight quilt was done in a simple pantograph that looked like chained four leaf clovers and it was perfect for how busy some of the prints were. Maybe yours needs something more simple as well??

  2. Love your quilt stack! I'll be following along to see the Monetas. The triceratops fabric is FABULOUS. (I have some grey mystery food in mind for a knit dress myself!) On behalf of the FAL crew, thanks for joining in!


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