Monday, June 25, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake...In Bed!

After much deliberation, I have decided not only on the pattern I want to use for my bed quilt, but also some of the fabric. It was a long hard decision, and I spent many many hours perusing fabric websites and etsy for ideas. If I was honest, I wanted it to have a lot of pink--thank you, husband, for tolerating my hot pink obsession--and I wanted it to be frivolous and fun. I don't know why I didn't immediately think of Tula Pink, who is hands down my favorite fabric designer, but I didn't. I can only imagine it's because her latest collection, Nightshade, is awesome, but a little too dark for my bedquilt. (I want something happy and fanciful.) But that didn't rule out her older collections! Hours and hours later, I decided to make a quilt using Parisville. I'll also be using Tula Pink's Snow Globes pattern, which should be arriving in my mailbox any day now!

And while Parisville isn't the easiest fabric to locate, I popped in at my new LQS this morning, and not only did they have some bolts of Prince Charming left, they also had the fans print from Parisville. I still have a lot of fabric to purchase, but I'm stoked to have gotten started. And isn't it so dreamy?

Now, to resist purchasing Prince Charming....

PS-When chatting about the quilt with friends, my friends John and SS suggested I call the quilt "Let Them Eat Cake in Bed." Pretty much the coolest quilt name ever. Well, besides Polka Dot Attack Pinwheels!, which let's be honest, cannot be beat.


  1. Cake? ;)

    I have to share credit with S. on the name. But it *is* an awesome name -- Marie Antoinette, Tula Pink, AND cake?? What's not to love?

    I broke down (ok, it wasn't so difficult) and ordered some Nightshade fabrics last night. Can't wait to make some oval pillows out of those cameos!

    1. Cake! Uh, BTW, when am I getting some?

      Ooh, my bad. Will remedy blog post immediately to give credit where credit is due!

      What colorway did you choose? I am considering the evening clouds print in that purple-y color. I'm thinking a skirt! And did you check out her new collection? I love the tree print in that red. Another skirt?

  2. Ohhh, pretty fabric!

    I hope there will be some actual eating of cake in bed. Otherwise, Marie will be disappointed. :)

    1. Oh, there will be eating of cake. And cinnamon rolls, and ice cream....

      No need to worry about that!


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