Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP: wonky stars.

An idea has been squirming around in my head, and while I've certainly had crazier ideas, it's probably my craziest quilting idea to boot:

I want to make a queen-sized quilt.

(Insert nervous giggle.) From a girl who has yet to make anything larger than a throw quilt, it's definitely an ambitious project. Do I think Agatha and I can handle it? Probably.

Now that I've decided to do it, I'm having a nightmare time deciding on everything else. I've had my current quilt since I got married--six years. When I saw it in the store, I knew I had to have it. But I won't know what the final product will look like until I've made the final product, and that paralyzes me with fear.

I've started auditioning blocks in hopes that I would stumble across something that I really like. The first I've tried is a "wonky star" block. I happen to love making this block, which is a bit odd since it involves wasting a bit of fabric, and to be honest, I hate wasting fabric.

I pulled this stack of fabric to work with. I later added solids in dark purple and white. Then I got to work!

They finish at 10.5 inches. I like this last block in particular. This might be a mini quilt. Or maybe a big 20" pillow? Or perhaps a long table runner? (PS-I used this tutorial.)

If I did make a big quilt using wonky star blocks, I'd want to make a quilt like this one or this one.

I've started on my quilt using Reunion fabric. I decided to chop up the charm pack and make a smaller batch of patchwork, and having made two 6x6 blocks, I'm happy I did. I love them!

I've got two more blocks to make, and then it's time to pick out accompanying fabrics and piece this puppy together.

I do have one small finish from this week--my jungle quilt from last week. Binding is added, and work is complete.

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  1. Great blocks. Love the wonky stars.

  2. The wonky stars are so cute. I definitely have and have used that peacock print and LOVE it!

  3. You should totally make a queen sized quilt! I'm on a baby quilt kick lately but before that I had never made anything smaller than a bedsize. Its crazy satisfying seeing a quilt you made on a bed.

  4. Mmm, how I love Reunion!! Good luck with queen-sized!! Lap throw is about as big as I'm ready to brave for now. And definitely not while I still have a small domestic machine! Maybe when I get a bigger, better machine in a few years :)

  5. I love the reunion squares, and good luck on the queen!


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