Sunday, June 10, 2012


Agatha and I have been reunited.

Since I've done next to no sewing for nearly a month, I was eager to delve right in, but courtesy demanded that I pay attention to my mama, and Agatha had to wait. (My mama's visit was lovely, thanks for asking!)

My mama left this afternoon, and while I was very very sad, I only sniffled a little bit, then I called my sissy, who informed me that I had my husband now, so why was I whining? I adore her tough love speeches. They are just what I need. In fact, I often call her looking for her tough love because it keeps me in order. After the phone call, I enjoyed a visit to Trader Joe's--oh, how I missed you, TJ's!--then came home and surrounded myself with fabric. There was also some kidlet maintenance and feeding in there somewhere, but my oh my, the fabric!

First up on the to-do list are two drawstring bags I volunteered to make for Danny at Mommy for Reals. I thought the project was pretty much awesome, and I love me a drawstring bag. I wasn't bold enough to try the zipper pouch, but that is on my to-do list. The bags are for teenage boys, and let me tell you, it is NOT easy to find fabric for teenage boys. I found one FQ of the flames fabric, and I picked up an orange for the second pouch.

Speaking of a zippered pouch, all of these tutorials I keep finding say that I need a zipper foot. Well, punkins, Agatha does not have a zipper foot. She also doesn't have a walking foot. Am I able to do it with my regular foot?

Next up is my June BOM from In Color Order. The design is diamonds. Hurrah!

Upon completion of these two projects, and only upon their completion, will I resume work on quilt #4. That will involve visiting my local quilt shop and also deciding if I want to work my charm packet into 3x3 patchwork squares or cut those bad boys into 4 pieces and work them into 6x6 patchwork squares. The 6x6 will obviously be more work, but it means I can use the fabrics in multiple spots as opposed to only one location. I think the deciding point will be how I think it looks with the yardage I need to purchase. I should lay it out before cutting/sewing, but I so want to bust out that beautiful fabric and get to work!

Alright. I've got HSTs to tackle and French seams to navigate. Also, there is some Sherlock, Season 2 to watch! But tell me, what are you working on?


  1. Dude, I love that flame fabric!!! If I were good at sewing, I'd make a skirt out of that stuff.

    I'm so glad that you and Agatha have been reunited!

  2. Isn't that fabric awesome? I hadn't thought of a skirt...that would be pretty amazing. Too bad there wasn't enough fabric! :)

  3. As you might imagine, I have a vested interest in making cool man bags. The skull fabric I got at Hancock is probably the most appropriate in my stash for that demographic. I've seen the flames and other novelty dude fabrics at Joann.

    Here's a French seam tutorial -- really, the first image says it all. It's easy and looks so clean. Mostly people use it for when they don't have a lining, but I actually put my exterior and interior fabrics' wrong sides together and treat them as a two-sided piece of fabric that I finish with French seams. That's the main difference between my bag template and Jeni's: the lining is attached to the shell.

    1. That tutorial was perfect! The tote bags I made needed "positive" fabric, so skulls were out, but I'm glad I found the flames. I think my flames bag will be the coolest one in the bunch! :)

      I need to take a closer look at one of your tote bags. I want to see the French seams up close and personal! Next Show and Share?


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