Friday, October 5, 2012

my tula love made me do it.

I do not need anything further on my plate right now. I really don't. But I saw the words "Tula Pink" and "Sew-along" and I couldn't help myself. How can I miss out on a Tula Pink Sew-along? The answer, my friends, is that I can't. It's like my cake problem. I just can't say no, especially to red velvet.

I may have ordered some Tula fabric yesterday. Okay, I did. (*Squee* Birds and the Bees coming my way!) I have until November 12th, which is plenty of time, right? Right. 

Until then, the plan is to get some mad sewing done on my Marie quilt. Also, I'm going to try try try to ignore the triangle problem that is overtaking my sewing space. Marie is a twinge wasteful, and I'm salvaging the triangle waste, but seriously. There are so. many. triangles.

This is some of them. And they are going to have to wait their proper turn. Though I kind of like the happy feeling it gives my dining room, so maybe I don't mind.

Are any of you participating in the Tula Sew-Along?

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  1. I wouldn't call it a cake *problem,* so much as a gift. ;)


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