Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PIQF: Mostly Modern

Okay, one last set of photos from the Pacific International Quilt Festival!

The Dead Sea by Gisha Wogier

Those wonky log cabins are a little over two inches wide. This quilt was intense in a good way! (International Entry for the World Quilt Competition-Israel)

Reflection II by Kathleen Burford

You can't see it very well, but down the center of this quilt is some amazing beadwork. (Winner, Best Use of Color, International Entry to the World Quilt Competition from New Zealand)

Close-up of Reborn by Vicki Thompson
I couldn't get far enough back to take a photo of the entire quilt, and Friends, that is a shame because this quilt was absolutely amazing. 

Wine Country by Jan Soules from New Quilts of Northern California

Clamshell Mounds by Arlene Kukua

This bad boy was hand-quilted and hand-pieced. And at 79" x 92", that's kind of a big deal!

I'm so glad I got to attend the PIQF this year and see all of these lovelies in person! They are so much lovelier than their photos. Later this week, I'll post on the squishy goodness I picked up while I was there!

And if you'd like to see still more photos, check out these two sites.


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos! I love the first quilt - it's amazing how well some quilters can recreate landscapes with fabric!

    1. I was really amazed by the first quilt. It was absolutely fantastic, and it was a great example of how much the actual quilting lines can do to enhance a quilt! :)


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