Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP: Little Hints Edition

Hi Friends! Wow. This Wednesday feels like it came awfully quickly!

I spent my weekend cutting, piecing, pressing, and trimming HSTs. Hours of HST love, peeps. Hours.

I'm not as far along as I'd like, but considering I'm working with nearly 300 HST units, I'm trying not to get too hung up over it.

There are loads more, and I'm trying to get them all pieced together before one of my kidlets runs into the spare room and wrecks the design I've laid out. 

Before the flood of HSTs, I was hard at work on holiday gifts, which I can't exactly share because that spoils the surprise! However, my friend K suggested I share some "teaser" shots, so here you are. I really enjoyed quilting the piece on the top left. I tried some different quilting patterns, though the boxy section I've shown a hint of is by far my favorite. More drawstring bags, and yes, zippers! The tutorial I used for the zippers talked about how easy they are to sew with, blahblahblah. That was not the case for me. I've kind of got the hang of them now, but I still hate them. Stupid zippers.

The bottom right isn't a holiday gift, but it is a secret until Friday!

And my one finish, which isn't sewing related, but I still threw it in. It is for the holidays, but since my mom asked me to make it for her and picked out the yarn, I'm not too worried about spoiling the surprise. I made her a nearly identical scarf when I first started knitting about five years ago, and it's seen some wear and tear, so she asked for a new one. It was interesting picking up my knitting needles after the long absence! I just did a straight knit stitch as I never was one to get too fancy about my knitting.

Tomorrow I'll be back with an October wrap-up and November goals, and Friday I'll have my surprise, so be sure to check back! I'm linking up today with Lee at Freshly Pieced, and I am planning to take a well deserved break from those HSTs to swoon over all of the other lovelies that have linked up.

 WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what your HST design will be. I hear you about needing to get things put together before little fingers start "rearranging" them!


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