Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Stash

This week, I got some squishy fabric in the mail! (You've gotta love squishy mail, right?) And I knew, before even opening it, that it was my Tula fabric, and my heart soared with excitement!

As usual, Tula did not disappoint me. I had seen the trees print from The Birds and The Bees several times in pictures, and I knew I loved it, but wasn't sure which color to purchase it in, and would I really like the white the most? And I do. Oh goodness! The pale blues and purples are absolutely divine and so well coordinated. To go with it is the smaller scale purple print. That's a yard and a half and a yard respectively, and I'm excited to find some time to cut into it. (Time? Not likely.)

The bottom print is Joel Dewberry's Herringbone in Maple. (I think it's Maple.) I picked it up on sale because I thought it would be an excellent addition to my low volume quilt. Now I'm wondering if I should've purchased more...but isn't that always the way it is?

Today, I'm linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth's Sunday Stash. It'll be my first time, but posting photos of pretty fabric that arrived? How can I say no?


  1. Squishy mail is the best! Love the Tula Pink fabrics and the Joel D. Is a great low volume print. It seems it is never enough no matter what amount I buy , I always want more!!

  2. Tula fabrics are too wild for me but I like the Herringbone pattern. I scored some scraps in two colors. So versitile.

  3. Audrey (great name btw)it is great to have you along this week. I am a big believer in squishy mail also. Great choice of colour for the herringbone - it seems to be a great filler print in many stashes.


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