Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PIQF: Japan!

I'm crazy about Japan! There's something about the art and the culture that have always gripped me, and it was awesome to see quilts by Japanese quilters and quilt inspired by Japanese culture and life. One major theme throughout a good portion of work was Japan's recovery from the recent earthquake and its destruction of the area. I'm not really used to seeing "themes" or deep symbols in quilts, so it was really fascinating to see how quilters wove those concepts into their art. 

From the Life Exhibit by Yoshiko Katagiri

From the Life Exhibit by Yoshiko Katagiri
Katagiri had several quilts on display. They are meant as a reflection on things after the earthquake in Japan. I regret I didn't copy down the exact titles of both of these quilts. 

Camella the Snow by Kazue Tsukayama
This quilt was amazing in person, and it's even more amazing as everything is hand-quilted and hand-appliqued. (Entry in the World Quilt Competition.)

Recovery in Japan after the Earthquake and Tsunami (Disposal of Debris) by Reiko Akamatsu
Again, this bad boy was hand-quilted and hand-appliqued, and it was also hand pieced! I loved the idea of using a kimono in remembrance of all of the beautiful family kimonos lost in the tragedy. (Entry in the World Quilt Competition.)

Not Quite a Senbazuru by Michelle Yaras

I loved the three-dimensional qualities of this quilt! I also love origami cranes, so this quilt was right up my alley. (Part of the 100th Anniversary of the Gift of the Cherry Trees.)

I have one more post of mostly modern quilts. Maybe tomorrow? 

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