Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Le Mille

When I found out there was going to be a Tula Pink Sew Along, I seriously geeked out. You loyal readers know of my serious Tula love, and you newcomers, well, I have serious Tula love. I had way too much on my plate, but I dropped everything to get to work on this because how often do Tula Pink Sew Alongs come along? 

I would have finished this bad boy yesterday night, but I ran out of thread. Seriously. And by the time my amazing husband got home, and I ran to the store, and I bought my thread and got back home, I was much too much too exhausted to do any more sewing.

But here it is! Le Mille! (Or rather, here is the finished quilt top. Quilting, backing, and binding to come!)

It measures 53" x 60", contains 186 HST units (on the front--the pieced back will have more), and it uses a small portion (I kid not) of the scraps from my Marie Quilt. We're talking Parisville galore with the snails print from Prince Charming and a couple of other filler prints. I used Bella Solids in Jade and Kona Snow for my solids.

I'm super excited about this one! Since my oldest son routinely steals my pinwheel attack quilt for snuggling on the couch, I realized there are not enough quilts in this house. My solution, obviously, is to make one for each family member.

While I was thread shopping, I picked up some hot pink thread to quilt this baby, and I'm excited to piece the back and get to quilting. Except, I may take a bit of a break from the HST love. I am so so so tired of pressing and trimming those little buggers, and I have quite a few left waiting patiently in a stack on my sewing table.

And because I can never seem to have enough Tula in my life, I also sewed up this skirt using fabric from Tula's The Birds and The Bees line. When I first saw those trees, I knew I needed a skirt using them, and after much debate on which colorway to use, I selected the white background. So. Awesome.

My Tula love is satiated...for now....


  1. Awesome! Love the skirt, too.

    Wait, is that a frog on the guitar case? ;)


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