Sunday, November 25, 2012

SS: Pillowcase fabric?

Not much to show this week. My LQS had a Thanksgiving sale, so I picked up a bit of fabric, with plans to use both for holiday gifts.

Marvel Avengers fabric, woo! Since I'm making something for practically everyone on my holiday list, I wanted to be sure I made something for my amazing husband, but what? I don't have the time or inspiration right now to make him a full quilt, but then the woman at the LQS suggested I make him a pillowcase. And I thought, since I'm about to subject him to sleeping under a Marie Antoinette quilt for the foreseeable future, I'd be a sweet wife and make him a manly Avengers pillowcase. No, they will not match. At all. And is it crazy that I really want one too?

And some FMF fizzy dot in pink, which I don't find nearly as fun, but will still work out nicely in a gift. It helps that it was marked down super cheap!

I'm linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth's Sunday Stash.


  1. I love that cartoon fabric! I think this would make a great modern quilt or pillow, your husband will love it :-)

  2. I just finished making some pillowcases for my dad to go with the quilt I am giving him. There are so many quick and easy patterns out there....I think I will be making some for us too!

  3. Not crazy no! Different! Yes! You may feel like you are back in childhood at a sleepover with that print.


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