Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIP: Super Edition.

...And we're back for another Wednesday peek at the never-ending stack of projects!

Better photo coming later--no good light now!
This week, I finished up three superhero capes for my niece and nephews. The original plan was to make one for my four-year-old nephew for the holidays, but the plan quickly morphed into making a cape for both nephews and my niece too because capes are awesome, and who doesn't need one? (Mine will be lined with hot pink faux fur, FYI.) I'll be making at least one more for my oldest kidlet. The capes are made from kona solids with the fabric for their initials coming from stash. I raw-edge appliqued the letters and top-stitched the diamond down, then top-stitched the entire cape. Isn't it amazing what a difference top-stitching does?

I did finish Scout's blanket, and he's currently tucked into my son's bed with it. (Yay for mommy points. Also, yay for learning FMQ!)

I also finished up Banzo's quilt top. Woo!

I knocked a few other things from my November list, but they're still very much in progress. I pieced all of the columns for my Marie quilt, but I still have the rows, and that's the more difficult task of the two. I started work on the binding of one of my mini quilts, but it made me angry, so I might have thrown it across the room.

It has been rainy and there has been no good light, so there are fewer photos than usual. I'm plugging away at my November list and 100 Day Hustle list, and I'm on track (I think) to get everything done on time. I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced, and now I'm off to hang out with my mom because she just got here. Up on the agenda is IKEA because she's never been, and I find that a tragedy. Have a lovely Wednesday!

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  1. Looking great! And that is the helicopter fabric I have, just a different colorway. He'll have so much fun looking at all the different things on that quilt. I had one like that as a kid and looked at all the little details endlessly.

    1. I really hope he likes it. I let him help me choose the block order, and he had fun rearranging the blocks. :)

  2. Ha ha! I just went to ikea today where I got 10 metres of 54" wide home dec fabric for $60 cdn. Sweet! Love your quilt with the awesome FMQ!


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